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Naturalmente - Natural Products are your best choice

Naturalmente offers a range of natural, organic and eco-friendly plant-based products – hair to body, baby to home – using natural best choice ingredients from the botanical kingdom. Naturalmente products are free of petrochemical by-products and synthetic substances, and are not tested on animals. Best for your wellbeing and best for our earth!

Naturalmente is dedicated to educating consumers on a healthier and environmentally sustainable way of natural living. By understanding the natural, organic ingredients and benefits behind each product we hope to inspire a desire, and conscious choice, for a sustainable way of living and the best option for your natural wellbeing!

  • Wave Shine
  • Make Up
  • Aromatic Hot Oils
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  • Relax Shine
  • Shampoos & Conditioners
  • Skin Spa

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What people are saying

  • "As editor of Simply Green magazine (SA's No 1 green lifestyle mag) and 'Eco Diva' on SABC3's Expresso breakfast show every Thursday morning, I am so happy to have found Naturalmente. The first natural hair and skin care products that actually work for me with no compromise on style. The fact that there are no harsh chemicals or parabens and the packaging is made from corn and biodegradable just does my 'Eco Diva' heart proud! Im hooked!" Nicole Sherwin |…

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