Naturalmente offers a sustainable and renewable natural solution to your personal care, beauty, hair and home cleaning needs. It is a total wellness concept that is eco-friendly and conscious of what we put on and into our bodies through our hair, scalp and skin.

Our mother company in Italy, Artec Naturalmente SRL, was founded by professional fashion hairstylists Domenico & Brigida Tomaselli, who after 30 years of working in their own hair salons, decided to launch an eco-friendly entrepreneurial product range called Naturalmente.

In 2007, Cape Town hair stylist Renee Nicolai, who had been searching for over 10 years for a better alternative range of products for the professional hair salon industry, stumbled upon Naturalmente. She jumped at becoming a stockist and 18 months later, after being totally enamored by the results, became the official importer to South Africa. Today she still works as a hands-on stylist and her salon has served as the official SA testing centre for Naturalmente’s products.


Why should you choose Naturalmente?

Even though the 'going green' trend continues to gather momentum, the ingredients in most personal care products -- even those deemed 'natural', 'healthy' and sometimes even 'organic' -- are not always entirely ethical. Often, they are listed in a manipulated way which can easily deceive the uninformed consumer. For this reason, Naturalmente and Gentle Approach -- Naturalmente's South African representative -- believe in educating consumers about the products and ingredients they are putting on their bodies, skins, scalps and hair, as well as the wider impact they have on the environment.

By choosing Naturalmente products, you not only contribute to your health and wellbeing, as well as your families, but you become part of an eco-movement that raises awareness about our environment.

- You'll have a healthy alternative to the enhancement of hair, beauty and wellbeing

- You'll be rewarded with high quality services and products with integrity

- You'll be respecting the planet and all its living forms


Natural Philosophy

The plant kingdom is vital to our existence,it supplies us with food and the air that we breathe. Plant sources are also rich in vitamins and proteins that supply us with revitalizing anti-oxidising agents.

Naturalmente uses only the best natural ingredients. We specialize in home, hair-care, baby, body and beauty products, as well as professional salon services and treatments.

Our natural products are gentle on us and good for the environment.

We choose pure, organic essential oils and fragrances derived from the botanical kingdom – plants, flowers, roots, seeds, oils, fruit, spices and resins – for our products. Our ingredients are sourced and cultivated from their countries of origin and harvested using organic and biodynamic agricultural methods.

Naturalmente offers alternative solutions that are inspired and sourced from the good earth. We do not use any petrochemicals, animal substances, synthetic perfumes, sodium lauryl sulphates or parabens. We are committed to educating people about an environmentally sustainable way of life and protecting the environment by preventing the use of chemicals derived from petroleum.

Our natural products are not only the better choice for your body, but also for our planet. From planting to picking, processing to packaging, we are eco-friendly in the true sense of the term. We also remain vigilantly conscious of the effects of waste products like shampoo and soap suds that go down your drain every day.

We believe that the huge biodiversity of nature offers everything we need for our personal health, beauty and wellbeing. And we must always remember that this planet is the only home we have.

- Naturalmente offers an eco-friendly, ethical, plant-based range of natural products.

- Our Hair, Beauty, Baby and Home products contain ingredients derived from sustainable botanical substances.

- They include 100% pure aromas and substances from plants and flowers.

- We promote and support respect for the environment.

- We do not carry out any tests on animals, either in finished products or during testing.

- We refuse to use substances derived from petrochemical processes that pollute the environment.

- We obtain raw materials from certified organic, biological cultivators from all over the world.

- We promote collaboration with eco-aware farmers to enhance their economic sustenance.

- Naturalmente supports and develops eco­business.

- Our products are free from petrochemicals, parabens, silicones, synthetic substances and fragrances, ammonia, formaldehyde and sodium lauryl sulphate.

- Our products are created with a complex mix of essential oils and substances derived from the botanical kingdom.

- Our formulations are built on aromatherapy principles with the aim of promoting the wellbeing of body and mind, while protecting the environment.

- There are no harmful substances such as petrochemical by-products, parabens, synthetic substances, animal derivatives and sodium lauryl sulphates in our products.

Why does Naturalmente use plants?

Everything we need is provided for by nature. Plants have supplied us with food, medicines and clothing fibres for as long as human beings have been around. They also absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, breathing life into the atmosphere.

Many personal-care products on the market contain animal-derived substances, but Naturalmente has proven that alternative technologies and raw plant materials can put an end to the use of animal substances in the manufacturing of cosmetics and other products.

Naturalmente is against testing products on animals and we warn consumers that not even ‘natural’ cosmetic products are necessarily free of animal testing!
Don’t be misled by definitions such as natural, ecological, biological, clinically or dermatologically tested. These words mean absolutely nothing when it comes to testing on animals.


Our intention is to raise awareness about the negative impact of chemicals on humans and the earth, and to educate professionals and the public about better, more eco-friendly alternatives that are available.


1. To create a cosmetic business that supports and incentivises the preservation of the eco-system through organic, biodynamic farming and avoiding the use and abuse of substances derived from petrochemicals.

2. To improve the economic conditions of farmers worldwide, while protecting floral and animal biodiversity. 

3. To enhance people’s physical and mental wellbeing with the extraordinary results of pure plant and flower aromas and ingredients. 

4. To raise awareness about the use of cosmetics made ​​from renewable sources by demonstrating the viability of profit in harmony with the ecosystem. 

5. To increase awareness of businesses with ethical and traditional values.